Transport for the future

Buses and Coaches are now one of the key modes of transport for today and tomorrow. They sit at the heart of urban planning, environmental, safety and, more generally, economic issues, being ideally matched to society's expectations for modern passenger transport. The whole sector must, more than ever, step up to meet these expectations.

Passengers Transport

About ACTIA®

Since it was created in 1986, ACTIA has been creating innovative solutions for Transportation and Energy. An independent family-controlled group, ACTIA has developed internationally and now counts 3,000 employees in 15 countries. In 2015, the ACTIA group recorded turnover of €381M. ACTIA is the partner of the major manufacturers, operators and fleet owners, always striving to meet the challenges of the transport world: safety, profitability and comfort.

ACTIA offers integrated solutions for city and intercity passenger transport. Innovative mobility solutions to transport people in a highly cost effective, fast, ecological and safe manner.

These challenges require a global approach to the vehicle in its environment: this is the meaning of the systems expertise offered by ACTIA.


ACTIA for OEMs ··············

An independent electronic architect

ACTIA helps you design the most robust and cost-effective electronic architecture for your vehicle, thanks to:
  • A uniquely modular product range, centered around the ACTIMUX system.
  • A comprehensive design tool, ActiGRAF.
  • Support from ACTIA engineering at every step of your design.
A medium-sized company, ACTIA is committed to providing responsive service to bus and coach customers.

Infrastructure for your connected services

ACTIA provides a unique platform to let you create your connected services, thanks to a 20-year expertise in Telematics and 30 years in Diagnostics. This platform consists of:
  • Versatile communication devices.
  • The capability to tailor rich applications.
  • A cloud-based user portal that ACTIA can operate on your behalf.
  • ACTIA's connected diagnostics solution.
ACTIA respects your added value and allows you to combine those elements according to your strategy.

Electric bus

ACTIA's new electric bus traction system is complete with ACTIA's powertrain, lithium batteries and battery management. The system was designed with flexibility in mind. Its strengths are:
  • High performance, thanks to quality permanent-magnet motors and long-life, fast-charge batteries.
  • A compact yet modular design, allowing to conveniently lay out the elements within the vehicle space.
  • A configurable gearbox, ready for compatibility with existing mechanical architectures.
ACTIA's experience in electric traction covers a large range of vehicles, from light vehicles to railway.

ACTIA for Fleets ··············

One-stop shop for a connected vehicle

ACTIA's monitoring and connectivity solutions bring value to the vehicle owner:
  • Safety, through our range of camera and recording devices.
  • Economy and Ecology, through the eco-driving suite.
  • Vehicle availability, through active reliability monitoring.
ACTIA designs and manufactures its own devices and software, providing a seamless integration. All services are made available in real time through a completely connected platform.

Connected for reliability

ACTIA has a unique experience at the in the convergence of vehicle Telematics and vehicle Diagnostics. This allows ACTIA to be ahead of the pack in connected diagnostics solutions, with communication device and software seamlessly integrated.

Our full remote diagnostics solution enables a service department to perform engineering-level diagnostics anywhere in the world.

Connected infotainment solutions

Bring connectivity to passengers as well as providing quality on-board sound audio-video systems, ACTIA offers complete digital solutions including:
  • Wifi connectivity.
  • Video on demand on the passenger's smartphone.
  • In-seat entertainment systems.
In addition, ACTIA can provide a full service to manage digital content for you, including content updates and movie rights management.

ACTIA cloud
ACTIA Fleet software
Electric bus


ACTIA expertise lies in adapting complex systems and architectures to the difficult environment of commercial and industrial vehicles. It involves highly innovative specialist skills in multiplexed architectures, telematics, diagnostics or electric drive system. This know-how enables ACTIA to make its expertise available to vehicule manufacturers, operators and integrators. Our mastery of vehicle architecture - conventional or multiplexed - guarantees a global approach to the vehicle's functions and systems. It is based on a universal offer of electrical and instrumentation management modules to construct a modular, high performance and optimised architecture adapted to each customer's needs. ACTIA can also work with Bus and Coach manufacturers in the development and validation of vehicle architectures.

In addition, ACTIA has developped an offer in the Intelligent Transport Services field. This ITS offer by ACTIA propose comprehensive ranges of equipments and software applications to serve today transportation challenges as fleet management, passenger Safety, infotainment, eco-driving or passenger information.



The ACTIMUX system is the third generation universal multiplexed architecture. This new system integrates all the experience developed over the previous 2 generations and includes:

  • Hardware platform compatible with distributed or centralised architectures.
  • Free choice of the electrical architecture design for the vehicle architect.
  • Improved adaptation of the input/output interfaces to the vehicle electrical architecture.
  • New technology giving improved control of electric motors, actuators and LED.
  • Multiple communications interfaces for improved connection to the vehicle systems.
  • Ethernet connection for fleet operator functions.
  • ActiGRAF s/w workbench for Vehicle Electrical Architecture design.
  • Centralised diagnostics of the vehicle's electrical architecture.


  • Software version management.
  • Design of the E/E Architecture.
  • Design of the functional s/w (Chassis/Body/MMI).
  • Code generator.
  • Downloader of applications and wiring versions.
  • Diagnostic of ActiMUX architecture.
  • PLC language (IEC 61131).
  • Graphical User Interface: Embedded Wizard.

Three Packs available:

  • Development Pack "Electrical control".
  • Development Pack "Electrical control & GUI".
  • Expert Pack.

Master 25

  • Powerful dual core 32 bit main CPU for vehicle application s/w and network management.
  • New load switching technology with precise control of current dedicated to wide range of loads such as electrical motors, wipers, bulb/xenon/LED lamps, sensors, etc...
  • Improved on board diagnostic functionality using reliable short circuit and open circuit detection associated to internal over temperature and over voltage detection.
  • Support of ACTIGRAF integrated development tool for PLC (IEC 61131-3 language) application s/w.
  • Compliant with SAE J1939, KWP 2000, ODX standards.
  • H/w platform compliant with 12V & 24V power networks.
  • Specific variants available on request.
  • EBSF compliant.
Power Range

Power Modules Range

  • Compatible with distributed and centralised Electrical Architectures.
  • Multiple I/O interfaces for better adaptation to vehicle architectures.
  • I/O interfaces configured in software.
  • New load switching technology with precise control of current, dedicated to wide range of loads such as electrical motors, wipers, bulb/xenon/LED lamps, sensors, etc.
  • Improved onboard diagnostic functionality using reliable, over current and under current detection, along with thermal overload and over voltage detection.
  • Configurable power supplies for e.g. ignition, battery master, permanent etc.
  • Level1 diagnostics through integrated tell-tale LED.
  • H/w platform compliant with 12V & 24V applications.
  • Specific variants available on request (stand alone variants available).
  • H/w platform participating on ISO 26262 certification.
Multic 2

MultIC 2

  • High performance MMI with 7" WVGA TFT screen.
  • Dedicated graphics/video processor allowing 4 channel real time video display.
  • Up to 6 gauges.
  • Up to 26 warning lights with 11 bi-colour LEDs.
  • Optional Eco Driving bar graph, Driver Aid.
  • Integrated Master capability as part of the ACTIMUX system.
  • Powerful dual core 32 bit main CPU for vehicle application s/w and network management.
  • Supported by ACTIGRAF, integrated development tool for PLC (IEC 61131-3 language) and GUI application s/w.
  • Compliant with SAE J1939, KWP 2000, ODX standards.
  • Highly customisable platform (dial face, number of gauges...).
  • Optional scratch-resistant/anti-glare mineral lens.
  • Pin to Pin and mechanically compatible with MultIC1 cluster.
Switch Packs

Switch Packs

  • Flexible solution using new rocker switch technology plugged on the PCB.
  • Modular design:
  • - Up to 6 momentary or stable, 2- or 3-position with backlight functionality,
    - Compatible with APEM KS or CSM switch series,
    - Switch functions customised in s/w.
  • Master variant with integrated CAN & LIN interfaces (SP6M).
  • Slave variant with integrated LIN interface (SP6E).
  • Possible specific variants.

Podium Dashboard

Modular & Ergonomic dashboard meeting European regulations (EBSF & VDV standards).

  • Adjustable console for better adaptation to the driver.
  • 3 personalisation areas.
  • Free space for additional fleet operator terminal (MADT).
  • Steering wheel with 8 customisable switches (option).
  • Choice of coloured trim parts (generic or specific).
  • Premium design.

Integrated modules with a wide range of equipment:

  • Instrumentation with high level of MMI capabilities (MultICS / MultIC2 / future MultICX clusters).
  • Optional haptic touch screen switches and Head up display.
  • Integrated and backlighted controls.
  • PODIUM1 legacy (ESP sensor, additional equipment catalogue).
  • Dedicated configuration tool to match market requirements.


  • Drive & diagnose all type of exterior lights: Bulb, LED, Halogen, Xenon Lights.
  • Control indicators, wiper motors and washer pump.
  • Stand alone and Plug & Play ECU.
  • Configurable and controllable via SAE J1939 protocol.
  • Additional functions: automatic headlights, automatic Wiper, Follow me Home, Lock/Unlock confirmation, cornering lamp.


TGU is a software/hardware platform equipped with a GPS receiver and mobile data communications capability (GPRS/3G & WIFI). It can be connected to the vehicle's CAN network and has an Ethernet connection. Possible applications:

  • Bus, coach and utility vehicle fleet management (positioning, route, speed, geo-fencing, etc).
  • Safety, security and maintenance (alarm, real-time vehicle diagnostics, stolen vehicle tracking, etc).
  • Remote diagnostics - interrogate the vehicule's electrical system for remote fleet warranty/service support.

The TGU can be supplied with or without on-board application to allow integration by the customer if desired. TGU is approved by vehicle manufacturers as well as fleet operators.



An all-in one Services Solution to reduce Vehicle Operating Costs and optimise vehicule servicing and reduce downtime.

  • A versatile tool for maintenance, electronic diagnostics & repair, electrical & physical measurements.
  • A fully connected and wireless solution.


ACTIA designs and manufactures a range of electric traction systems for light vehicles, utility vehicles and buses offering power output from 30kW to 180kW. These solutions already have proven reliability with nearly 5000 vehicles on the road. With a power output of 140-180kW, the unit designed for bus is linked to a reduction gear and provides very high performance from a compact design. This output enables greater range and reduced battery wear. Having taken all these factors and vehicle operational considerations into account, ACTIA's solution offers both performance and excellent value.

ACTIA's unique position in traction systems stems from the Group's historic expertise in vehicle body/chassis architecture and in power management systems.

In addition, ACTIA offers a range of batteries and converters tailored to these applications.


Battery & Battery Management System

The new "TraBat-LTO" and "TraBat-LFP" series of traction batteries from ACTIA are specifically designed for robust, powerful operation for a variety of mobile applications (e.g. for hybrid- and fuel cell vehicles or for electric vehicles with fast charge requirements). Our traction batteries can be delivered with Lithium-Titanate cells (LTO) or with Lithium-Ferro-Phosphate cells (LFP). ACTIA's innovative BMS electronic "Master 4" and "Slave 5" ensure a safe and durable operation for both chemistries.

An integrated energy counter simplifies the analysis of battery usage and performance. Main advantages of "TraBat" battery systems with appr. 600 VDC nominal system voltage are the high power availability with continuous 3-5 C charge and discharge power and a peak power performance up to 5-10 C for 30 sec.

Our battery systems are delivered with a liquid cooling solution and depending upon the operation and usage profile, we can offer an optional underlying life time warranty of maximum 5 years.

Power Conversion

Power Conversion

Many Power management solutions are produced in high volume for commercial and industrial vehicles (trucks,construction vehicles). These solutions are adapted to the passenger transport environment and are used for the charging function of Li-Ion batteries used in electric traction.


ACTIA Fleet helps fleet operators meet new challenges in the mobility sector:

  • Environment.
  • Safety.
  • Comfort.
  • Management.
  • Improve passenger comfort.
  • Control vehicles' fuel consumption.
  • Extend vehicles' service life.

A simple, stand-alone function
The ACTIA Fleet solution consists of a stand-alone on-board unit that records vehicle data and transmits them to a cloud-based web platform, in real and/or delayed time.

Customised services
Customers tailor the ACTIA Fleet solution to their needs by chosing the complete package or only the service applications that they wants.


Driver Aid

  • Assists the driver to operate the vehicle more efficiently and safely.
  • Warns the driver of harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, excessive idling, overspeed and overall economyDrivers learn exactly how to improve their driving and can monitor their progress in real time.

From the office, the fleet manager can assess and promote driver improvement through back-office reporting.



The BOP HD video protection system records high quality video images from up to 16 channels, combined with audio microphone, GPS and vehicle data such as the status of indicators, brakes and door open/closed. This builds a comprehensive picture of vehicle events when an incident occurs.

Data is stored on a secure removable hard disk with up to 2TB data capacity, allowing for several weeks footage to be recorded before overwrite. Incident footage is protected in an alarm buffer and can be reviewed using the powerful BOP Reviewer Station and Software, or sent through W-LAN module to a depot server.

A range of vandal-proof cameras is available for internal and external mounting, including analogue and IP options.


BOP Reviewer

This software application enables full analysis of the recorded data. It is easy to use and ergonomic, and allows the CCTV Controller to review video and audio sequences recorded on the vehicle.

Images are encrypted and can only be viewed by authorised users. Data is accessed either by date and time or by identifying alarm footage (indicated in red).

Full evidential use with data being authenticated for court use and password-protected. Export function enables the user to burn footage and playback software to DVD.

WRM 100

WRM 100

WLAN 802.11n industrial modem and rack format card for services platform AP or client mode for harsh environments, compact and upgradeable.

The WRM100 and V-WRM modem range offers all the services associated with broadband wi-fi, notably on-board internet, real-time video surveillance, passenger entertainment and passenger information.

Vehicles are permanently connected to the back office via a highly secure communication service with a large bandwidth.

ACT 500

ACT Range

ACT 550: A dual-zone unit with graphical display. The ACT500 provides three tools in one with no need for additional ampliers or DVD player. The ACT 550 reads audio and video files from a USB stick.

ACT 501: A LCD display for a best video quality - CD-DVD Dual Player & USB.

ACT 552: Radio-SD-USB, 1 microphone input, single zone, especially developed for city and school buses.

ACT 553: Radio-SD-USB, 2 microphone inputs, dual zone, especially developed for intercity bus with no video requirement.

ACT 554: Radio-SD-USB, 2 microphone inputs, single zone, especially developed for city bus, for installation above the driver's head.

ACT 650: Powerful combination of both the ACT 550 and the ACT 501 to allow simultaneous playback of DVD for the passengers and CD for the driver.


Display Range

Fixed overhead screens
ACTIA fixed screens use the latest technology for displaying entertainment and passenger information for touring and inter-city coaches. Available in three sizes and design finishes, for integrating or building-in. Our screens will perfectly fit into the interior of all vehicles.

Foldway overhead screens
Specially designed for touring coaches, the range of ACTIA motorised screens enables the screen to be pushed easily in either direction in the event of danger. The foldaway overhead screens are available in different sizes and in design finishes - with motorised support or fixed support.


ACTIA Entertainment System

ACTIA wireless entertaiment system is an onboard system which, simply by downloading an Android app to the passenger's own smart device, allows to:

  • Watch high quality video on demand films from the major movie distributors.
  • Listen to high quality on demand music by category.
  • Listen to real time radio.
  • Get complete route and map information in real time.


An innovative communications solution for wireless information and entertainment through the passenger's own device during bus and coach journeys.

Wi-Links delivers video content (VoD, road camera, live digital TV), web, GPS data (mapping), commercial information etc. This state of the art Wifi modem provides outstanding quality of service: simultaneous high quality connection for up to 40 passengers.

ACTIA offers a complete range of efficient antennas for any kind of installation (MIMO 3x3, 6 accessesM).

Wi-Links can be connected with a multimedia server and integrated in an IP architecture, delivering high added value services to passengers, through a powerful and cost effective system.


SAM ATOM, SAM & PC Car: embedded PCs range

Each solution features a new robust mechanical base; it is still fanless and compatible with various Operating Systems. The solution can provide location, communication, multimedia and driver-vehicle interface functions. The wide selection of options ensures a high level of customization for any application i.e intelligent transportation systems (ITS), ticketing systems, CCTV and data servers.


I-HMI Range

The I-HMI range is a MMI specifically designed for transport users and provides an unique and comfortable experience with easy to read touch screen.

USB and Bluetooth connectivity will bring new features to ITS Solutions.

Integrated speakers for driver information and audio Input/Output for external peripherals will provide the end-user with benefits such as navigation, driver announcement and controls.

Passenger Counting System

ACTIA's passenger counting systems are designed to automatically gather passenger count and bus stop activity data, enabling operators and transport authorities to understand public transport usage by location, time and date:

  • Count number of passengers on, off and where for each bus stop.
  • Assess passenger distribution across the fleet throughout the day.
  • Enables assessment of passenger carbon footprint.


ACTIA's next generation PC-based diagnostics solution for multiplex systems.

  • Powerful workshop diagnostic tool.
  • Fast diagnosis of electrical problems.
  • Support ActiMUX and 3rd party multiplex systems.
Microphone range

Microphone Range

Guide microphone
High fidelity cordless device for optimum voice quality and total mobility for the guide. Wireless operation also allows for the possibility of passengers taking part in entertainment (e. g. Karaoke). Specially designed for intensive professional use (rubber & aluminium).

Driver's microphone
High sensitivity dynamic microphone equipped with switch to turn off other sources on the coach.

  • ACTIMUX System

    ACTIMUX System

    A flexible solution to meet market requirements and system evolutions.

  • ActiGRAF


    Development tool suite dedicated to ActiIMUX.

  • master25

    Master 25

    ACTIMUX system master module.

  • Power Range

    Power Modules Range

    Hardware platforms for chassis and body.

  • Multic 2

    MultIC 2

    High performance Cluster.

  • Switch Packs

    Switch Packs

    Stand alone switch modules for CAN J1939 or LIN communication networks.

  • Podium

    Podium Dashboard

    Modular & Ergonomic dashboard meeting European regulations.

  • TGU


    A powerful telematic gateway unit.

  • S-DIAG


    An all-in one Services Solution.

  • Powertrain


    Electrical architecture expertise.

  • Batteries

    Battery & BMS

    From lithium batteries to Battery Management Systems.

  • Power Conversion

    Power Conversion

    Power electronics know-how in high volume.

  • ACTIA Fleet

    ACTIA Fleet

    Optimised fleet management for city buses & interurban coaches.

  • driverAid

    Driver Aid

    Real-time eco-driving trainer.

  • bop


    A range of digital and network video recording solutions.

  • cctv

    BOP Reviewer

    Software Application.

  • WRM 100

    WRM 100

    Broadband WI-FI solution.

  • ACT 500

    ACT Range

    Multimedia solutions for any application.

  • Display Range

    Display Range

    The certified monitors by ACTIA.

  • ACTIA Entertainment System

    ACTIA Entertainment System

    Audio & Video On Demand.

  • Wi-links


    Access point for multimedia content over Wifi.

  • PCcarV3

    Embedded PCs Range

    SAM ATOM, SAM & PC Car.

  • HMI

    I-HMI Range

    Multi-functions displays specially designed for on-vehicle applications.

  • Passenger Counting System

    Count passengers on AND off and WHERE.

  • Multi-Mux


    Diagnostics solution for multiplex systems

  • Microphone range

    Microphone Range

    For driver & guide


ACTIA dedicates between 14% and 16% of its turnover to Research and Development every year. In addition to this investment, which guarantees the group's ability to innovate, ACTIA endeavors to balance technological and industrial mastery as well as quality control throughout the development cycle, manufacturing and the production life of its products.

Automotive Technology and Industry

Technology & Industry

750 engineers & technicians are dedicated to ACTIA products' development for complete technological skills. ACTIA manufactures all products in its own plants and opens its production facilities to other customers to provide Electronics Manufacturing Services using the cutting edge technologies and the requirement for total quality.

Automotive Quality

Automotive Quality

ACTIA guarantees the highest quality standards at all stages of development and production with a specific time to market depending on customer needs. In this way, quality is a true ACTIA value and is shared by all teams in a certified environment: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, EN 9110, ISO TS 16949, IRIS, NADCAP, PART 145.

Worldwide Services

Worldwide Services

ACTIA is there to accompany its global or local customers throughout their projects: local support on every continent, customisation to specific requirements and local needs, resident team... This international dimension is also an asset that benefits our purchasing and manufacturing performance.

logo EBSF

EBSF Program
Having been involved in the European Bus System of the Future project, ACTIA takes an active part in the specification for the Bus of the Future. Most of ACTIA solutions for Bus & Coach are EBSF compliant.