Tomorrow's agriculture will be intensively eco-friendly. This sustainable growth means increasing efficiency, reliability and safety. As a vehicle on-board specialist for about 30 years, ACTIA is the partner of the major manufacturers, always striving to meet the challenges of modern agriculture.

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& material handling

Construction and material handling manufacturers are using innovative technologies to improve safety and service rates. As a diagnostic and telematics specialist for about 30 years, ACTIA works as a partner with the major manufacturers in building a safety connected architecture to optimize total cost of ownership.

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About ACTIA®

Since it was created in 1986, ACTIA Group is specialized in vehicle architecture and electronic diagnostics, has delivered comprehensive systems solutions dedicated to severe environments, electric and electro-hydraulic architecture management, telematics, maintenance and diagnostics systems.

Headquartered in France, ACTIA is located in 15 countries with 3,270 employees. This international presence enables the group to provide local support to its customers worldwide across all phases of a vehicle's lifecycle, from the design stage all the way to the end of its service life.

In 2016, the ACTIA Group recorded turnover of €431.6M.


ACTIA provides a wide range of off-the-shelves automotive products that can be customized as per customer request.

ACTIA products are designed for severe environment and tested to endure moist, vibration, shock, dirt, water and large temperature ranges.

ACTIA integrates increasingly stringent safety constraints right into the design of its products. It supports its customers during the safety analysis process from the machine electric architecture design phase to the machine certification phase.


Solutions & Services

ACTIA expertise lies in adapting complex systems and architectures to the difficult environment of commercial and industrial vehicles. It involves highly innovative specialist skills in multiplexed architectures, telematics, diagnostics or electric drive system.

Our mastery of vehicle architecture - conventional or multiplexed - guarantees a global approach to the vehicle's functions and systems. It is based on a universal offer of electrical management modules to construct a modular, high performance and optimized architecture adapted to each customer's needs. ACTIA can also work with agriculture, construction or material handling manufacturers in the development and validation of their own safety vehicle architectures.



A connected ruggedized architecture with safety feature mangement:

  • Off-the-shelves solutions combined with flexibility allow you to build your own cost-effective architecture.
  • Customizable on request.
  • Safety constraints integrated right into the design of the products.
  • ACTIA system expertise.
  • Multiple communications interfaces for improved connection to the vehicle systems.
Safety Power Units

Safety Power Units

From the SPU 25-15 with a compact form factor up to the SPU 70-66 for complex applications. ACTIA offers a modular product range for hydraulic function control with safety feature management:

  • SIL2/Pld Safety-driven products to facilitate your certification process (safety manual...).
  • Smooth electrohydraulic function control, and high movement precision.
  • Enhanced diagnostic capabilities for efficient vehicle maintenance.
  • Automotive product designed for harsh environments.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions for modular integration.
APU 8-13

Advanced Power Unit

The APU 8-13 is suitable for lighting, wipers, motors and other electrical functions control:

  • Extension of Safety Power Unit (slave).
  • Compact form factor.
  • Provide diagnostics capabilities for electrical functions.
  • Customizable to your application through software configuration.
  • High-current capabilities.


Open platform adaptable to any existing environment:

  • ACTIA strong experience in telematics for commercial vehicle & automotive OEMs.
  • Innovative product portfolio (2G-3G-4G/LTE, WIFI, BTLE...).
  • ACTIA strong experience in worldwide certification management (FCC, PTCRB, R&TTE, Anatel, NAL/CCC...).
  • Data Security features.
  • Automotive product designed for harsh environments.
MMI range

MMI range of displays, Cluster & Gauges for Off-Highway and Marine market.

  • Ruggedized Touchscreen or non Touchscreen IP66/67 MMIs.
  • Highly customizable to your requirements.
  • Brightness up to 1000 nits, Contrast Ratio up to 800.
  • Numerous interfaces (CAN incl NMEA, LIN, USB...).
  • Increased embedded diagnostic capabilities.
  • Development languages = C, authoring tool, embedded wizard, etc.


ACTIA software philosophy is based on an open platform to provide flexibility on application software development:

  • Software documentation package gives you a rapid autonomy on the product.
  • Numerous languages supported (CODESYS, C, Mathworks...).
  • ACTIA software package suitable to support SIL2/PLd safety certifications.
  • Software package able to support ISOBUS applications.
  • Dedicated team to customer support.

Ruggedized PC

From conception phase up to retail network or field maintenance by a technician, an all-in one portable and autonomous ruggedized diagnostic tool dedicated to you:

  • Capability to be connected with machine configuration and customer data bases.
  • Diagnostic protocols covered with VCI (SAE J1939, ISO15765 CAN UDS, ISO14230 Kw2000, RS232 specific, SAE RP1210C compliant).
  • USB3, BT, GPRS, WIFI, 3G/4G-LTE.
  • IP65 7" touchscreen display.
  • Large memory capacities.


A handy Services Solution for diagnostic and maintenance operations:

  • A versatile tool for maintenance, electronic diagnostics & repair, electrical & physical measurements.
  • Vehicle powered or internal battery.
  • USB / Serial / WIFI / Ethernet / Bluetooth.
  • IP54 4.3" touchscreen display.
  • Capability of voltage and current measurement on vehicle.
  • Web-based extended diagnostics interface.

Multiprotocol Vehicle Communication Interface

  • With More than 250,000 VCIs running worldwide.
  • Compatible to all diagnostics standards and protocols (SAE J1939, ISO15765 CAN UDS, ISO14230 Kw2000, RS232, RP1210...).
  • Numerous communication interfaces.
  • Hardware & software Piracy protection to prevent reverse engineer of your solution.
  • WIFI, BT capabiliy.
ACTI-DIAG software


Software platform that summons up all the most advanced ACTIA diagnostic concepts.

  • Generate your own diagnostics scripts in the factory, manage vehicle variants, automate testing, calibration and end-of-line inspection processes.
  • Data-driven tool (no need to recompile software).
  • ECU diagnostics datas can be used by aftersales services.
  • Easy integration to customer existing tools (spare part catalogue...) for optimized preventive and corrective maintenance.

TGU-R Access

A cutting-edge device for advanced telematics and diagnostic functions.

  • Power supply 12V to 48V.
  • Multi-communication chanel (CAN, J1939, RS232, USB, Ethernet, Lin-Kline, audio interface).
  • IP66/IP69K.
  • Fleet & Assets management, from production line to end-user.
  • Maintenance monitoring with high level of remote diagnostics.


A new IOT device for light telematics and diagnostic functions.

  • Fleet and assets management, geofencing, navigation, messaging.
  • Exist in standalone (up-to 5-year-autonomy) or connected version.
  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) functionality.
  • CAN-based remote diagnostics and maintenance.
  • GPS/LPWAN capabilities (SIGFOX, LORA).
  • Low cost subscription.
  • IP6K9K
Up to Go

Electric & hybrid technology

Over the past 20 years, ACTIA has been involved in a large number of innovation programs for electric vehicle.

ACTIA designs, develops & produces power train system, batteries, battery management system and power conversion for electric car, bus, coach and commercial vehicle.



ACTIA designs and manufactures a range of electric traction systems for light vehicles, utility vehicles and buses offering power output from 30kW to 180kW. These solutions already have proven reliability with nearly 5000 vehicles on the road. With a power output of 140-180kW, the unit designed for bus is linked to a reduction gear and provides very high performance from a compact design. This output enables greater range and reduced battery wear. Having taken all these factors and vehicle operational considerations into account, ACTIA's solution offers both performance and excellent value.

ACTIA's unique position in traction systems stems from the Group's historic expertise in vehicle body/chassis architecture and in power management systems.

In addition, ACTIA offers a range of batteries and converters tailored to these applications.


Battery & Battery Management System

The new "TraBat-LTO" and "TraBat-LFP" series of traction batteries from ACTIA are specifically designed for robust, powerful operation for a variety of mobile applications (e.g. for hybrid- and fuel cell vehicles or for electric vehicles with fast charge requirements). Our traction batteries can be delivered with Lithium-Titanate cells (LTO) or with Lithium-Ferro-Phosphate cells (LFP). ACTIA's innovative BMS electronic "Master 4" and "Slave 5" ensure a safe and durable operation for both chemistries.

An integrated energy counter simplifies the analysis of battery usage and performance. Main advantages of "TraBat" battery systems with appr. 600 VDC nominal system voltage are the high power availability with continuous 3-5 C charge and discharge power and a peak power performance up to 5-10 C for 30 sec.

Our battery systems are delivered with a liquid cooling solution and depending upon the operation and usage profile, we can offer an optional underlying life time warranty of maximum 5 years.

Power Conversion

Power Conversion

Many Power management solutions are produced in high volume for commercial and industrial vehicles (trucks,construction vehicles). These solutions, which are suitable for all environments including harsh conditions, are used for charging Li-Ion batteries used for electric drive.

  • Architecture


    Ruggedized, scalable and flexible solutions with safety features.

  • Safety Power Units

    Safety Power Units

    Hydraulic function control.

  • APU 8-13

    Advanced Power Unit

    Electrical function management.



    Ruggedized connectivity.

  • Display 4.3


    High perfomance ruggedized MMIs.

  • Codesys


    Open platform for rapid autonomy.



    Multiprotocol Vehicle Communication



    Software authoring suite for diagnostic application developments.


    TGU-R Access

    Platform for advanced telematics & diagnostics functions.

  • Electric Drive

    Power Electronics

    Electric & hybrid technology.

  • Powertrain


    Electrical architecture expertise.

  • Batteries

    Battery & BMS

    From lithium batteries to Battery Management Systems.

  • Power Conversion

    Power Conversion

    Power electronics know-how in high volume.


ACTIA dedicates between 12% and 14% of its turnover to Research and Development every year. In addition to this investment, which guarantees the group's ability to innovate, ACTIA endeavors to balance technological and industrial mastery as well as quality control throughout the development cycle, manufacturing and the production life of its products.

Automotive Technology and Industry

Technology & Industry

800 engineers & technicians are dedicated to ACTIA products' development for complete technological skills. ACTIA manufactures all products in its own plants and opens its production facilities to other customers to provide Electronics Manufacturing Services using the cutting edge technologies and the requirement for total quality.

Automotive Quality

Automotive Quality

ACTIA guarantees the highest quality standards at all stages of development and production with a specific time to market depending on customer needs. In this way, quality is a true ACTIA value and is shared by all teams in a certified environment: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, EN 9110, ISO TS 16949, IRIS, NADCAP, PART 145.

Worldwide Services

Worldwide Services

ACTIA is there to accompany its global or local customers throughout their projects: local support on every continent, customisation to specific requirements and local needs, resident team... This international dimension is also an asset that benefits our purchasing and manufacturing performance.